Cambodian Luxury U Part Unit


This LUXURY U-PART unit is Beach Wave Texture, and comes equipped with clips for security and custom snug fit. While the unit is very lightweight, the hair is very dense and thick and gives maximum fullness during styling

There are about 2 bundles in units 14-16 inches, 3 bundles in units 18-22 inches, and 4 bundles in units 24-26 inches.

The unit can be straightened with a professional iron up to 450 degrees, and can be sewed or clipped to the hair.

It is sized for customers with 22-24’ size head, so please take your measurements.

This U-PART unit will last about 3-4 years with proper maintenance, and takes hair colors very well! Security bands at the top of the unit are to be cut right before you place it on your head.

The hair comes in wavy texture when shipped, and the unit cannot be customized. Hair color varies because the extensions are raw. The color range is between 1b-4. 

The U Part is for the customer who wants a natural look, due to the leave out. Hair should be healthy and the top with no breakage for maximum coverage. Edges should be full for maximum coverage. This wouldn’t be considered a protective style due to the fact that you would need to leave hair out. The U Part opening is about 2x4 inches at the top. Leave out amount would be up to the customer.

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