Luxury Hair and Scalp Tonic


Luxury Hair and Scalp Tonic that’s a fusion of oil and serum. This concoction is light enough for the hair and potent enough for the scalp. This oil/serum leaves every strand moisturized without leaving any heavy residue. It aids in a healthy scalp, hair growth and hair by opening the hair glands for oxygen. This is what has been missing in a world full of scalp oils!

This is the oil/serum for you if you have any damage or problem spots, thinning, dandruff, or any scalp issue that cause flakes and debris. 

It is lightweight, yet very potent. 3 to 4 drops of this 1 ounce bottle will allow you to get the maximum usage. This bottle lasts 4-6 months for my clients! 

For blowouts, drop three drops into your conditioner for a super glossy effect! This oil is the secret to the “silk press.”

Scent is subtle and refreshing.